National Service for 18 year olds in the 1950's

A nostalgic look at RAF service in the 1950s

Pietro Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana - Intermezzo Add Video

Pietro Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana - Intermezzo Lim Kek-tjiang conducts Evergreen Symphony Orchestra 馬斯康尼: 鄉村騎士-間奏曲林克昌指?]長?s交 ...

Posted by yorkshireborn on July 7, 2011 at 4:23 PM 3011 Views

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Reply yorkshireborn
6:56 AM on January 3, 2014 
I've had over a thousand hits on this video but not one comment good or bad.. Tut Tut to you all. Hope that some of you anon visitors have at least enjoyed it. I let this lovely piece of music wash over me frequently. Happy 2014 to you all wherever you are. Mike 11.55 hrs. GMT 3/1/2014
Reply yorkshireborn
3:31 PM on April 10, 2013 
Another 60 hits on Cavelleria Rusticana and no comments. WHATS UP WITH YOU LOT? The courtesy of an acknowledgement would be nice. Cumalative total on my video postings is 1206 and nary a word !!!!!!!!!!!. I'm very disappointed. My alter ego on other sites is PSTOFFE.......... that says it all. owner.
Reply yorkshireborn
3:47 PM on March 3, 2013 
I don't get it..........549 views on Cavalleria Rusticana and 555 views on Neil Diamond - Hello again.
That's 1004 hits and no bloody comments.
Come on you idle lot wake up and give me a call. . Positive or negative i don't care but an acknowledgement would be nice. That's it ..rant over. Mike.
Reply bob metcalfe
3:50 PM on July 16, 2011 
Certainly a lovely piece of music. Some 58 years ago and along with my classmates I regularly attended the concerts given by the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra at The Leeds Town Hall. Another Leeds schoolboy attending those very same concerts (according to his memoirs) though along with his own classmates, was a lad called Alan Bennett whose fame blossomed over many years (to date) as a playwright and author. He raves about the music of the YSO, though sadly I lacked the temperament to grasp the oportunity and learn, though I soon realised just how nice the big orchestra stuff was once we started attending matinee's of String Quartet music which I still utterly fail to find a reason for its existence. Yes I feel in general that the big quality orchestra's and big swing bands, give a lift to the soul that believe it or not for me, only compares with the fabulous spirit stirring sound of the Massed Pipes and Drums, behind which I will happily and even gladly march into Heaven or Hell as the case may be.......Cheers Airmen.Bob...2047A 160711
Reply Mike
6:23 AM on July 8, 2011 
Hi Jim. Thanks for the comment. My appreciation of classical music was born [although I did not knowe it at the time] At my first job in a noisy printing factory. My mentor/workmate sang and whistled music I had not heard before and I realised that I liked it. My tastes in music like yours are catholic....[funny I am a Catholic] and I have a fondness for Neil Diamond among many others. I like Folk and Irish music but like you I dislike hip hop bunny music. Never got into Big Band and Jazz sounds. My lady wife likes Glenn Mille and the late Ted Heath sound. Had to put up with it though at the local hops if I wanted to dance with her. You too I suspect will remember proper dancing where you got the chance to hold on tight to a lady. Sometimes not too close when the hormones were racing !! In a nutshell I like music. The car radio is always on and I have a selection if CD's also...........Cheers ..Mike 11.22 GMT 8/7/2011
Reply Jim Aitken
5:50 PM on July 7, 2011 
A lovely piece (peace) of music Mike. That will guarantee a fast passage past St Peter mate!
I first became acquainted with that piece around 1948. We had moved down from Scotland and were renting a home at Hall Green in Birmingham while the owners were overseas in South Africa. The house was furnished and in the lounge was an old HMV upright gramophone complete with records. At the tender age of 12/13 I was introduced to classical music. Mind you I do have a fairly wide appreciation of different genres of music now. Only music I can't abide is rap and hip hop !
Reply yorkshireborn
4:29 PM on July 7, 2011 
My ultimate favourite piece of music. I first came across it at an ATC Summer Camp at RAF Coningsby in 1949. I discovered it in a pile of 78's and having played it I was absolutely entranced and have been since then. I have arranged my funeral service and this is to be played before and after the service. Sadly I will be unable to appreciate it !! Please listen to it. Majic !!.....................Mike.

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