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Posted by yorkshireborn on July 9, 2011 at 11:49 AM 2900 Views

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Reply yorkshireborn
3:08 PM on August 13, 2011 
Hi Jim, Yes I look at the site fairly regularly but as there is usually no activity to speak of my visits are brief. I am depressed about the apathy, It seems that there is only you and Bob who visit/leave comments. I think that once a week visits by me suffice for now. Mike
Reply Jim Aitken
8:09 PM on July 25, 2011 
"Cracklin' Rosie is a type of WINE drunk by a native Canadian tribe"

The above is directly from Wikipedia. If you can't accept that then I suggest you take the matter up with them !
I see a marked difference between WINE and BOURBON WHISKEY, don't you?
Oh and if you have ever had a session on Rose you'll know it is not weak-kneed.
Now you will have to go back and apologise to all those poor punters you conned all those years ago.

Slaam dunk to you too!

ps....Does anyone own this site or monitor it from time to time? Just wondering!
Reply [email protected]
3:53 PM on July 20, 2011 
..........mmmmmmmmmm ......Rose Wine... mmmmmm I applaud your research Jim but I'll take a lot of convincing re same.......a North American/Canadian tribe drinking Rose Wine!.....It was a Yank USAF guy from Menwith Hill Base who some years ago convinced me re the Whisky, I can see your point but Rosie Wine seems a bit weak kneed to me.....but thanks for the interest and should I have been wrong then at least the chq went to a good cause.........Many slaams......Bob
Reply Jim Aitken
4:34 AM on July 18, 2011 
I've seen every concert Neil Diamond has played in Australia. I have always thought that "Cracklin' Rosie" was a play on words meaning Rose wine of the spritzig variety of which I am very fond, Mateus Rose comes to mind but there are many others.
Just to see whether Bob's suggestion of Bourbon Whiskey which is what he is paying out on, I did a Wiki search and the result is below. I'll leave you to make up your own minds..........

Oh, I love my Rosie child ?
You got the way to make me happy.
You and me, we go in style ...
Cracklin' Rose, you're a store bought woman
You make me sing like a guitar hummin' ...

But in actuality, Cracklin' Rosie is a type of wine drunk by a native Canadian tribe that Diamond had visited in Canada. Apparently the tribe had more men than women. Cracklin' Rosie was the nickname they used for their homemade alcoholic brew, which the single men, who did not have dates, would sit around the fire and drink together.
In terms of wine itself, the title is seen to refer to (misspelled) rosé wine which is "crackling" - a U.S. term equivalent to pétillant or lightly sparkling. A Crackling Rosé is produced by, for example, Paul Masson Vineyards and Beckett's Flat.
Reply yorkshireborn
3:52 PM on July 17, 2011 
Bob...............just surfing through my site. I did of course know the answer but did not see your posting in time...................Hint...........i would probably have picked it up had you posted it on the Blog page! Mike 2050 hours Gmt 17/7/2011 By the way I have posted a record of my End to End bike ride in the photo gallery. M.
Reply bob metcalfe
2:05 PM on July 17, 2011 
-Hello Again-Well you've had almost 24hrs to respond, and I can only gather that you have all been so upset with yourselves at not knowing the answer to the question of yesterday (which you'll find below) that you all decided not to leave a `footprint`.
However I will honour the prize money cheque and will pay same on your behalf into my favourite charity, within 24hrs.... Have another listen to Neil singing Crackling Rose.....One of many clues are the words `Crackling Rose your a store bought woman!`.... I'll let you enjoy finding the others for youselves, though the answer remains the same and is that... `Crackling Rose is......Bourbon Whisky .... You know it makes sense so don't feel too bad about it and better luck next time ........Regards BOB
Reply bob metcalfe
3:02 PM on July 16, 2011 
Good old Neil always a winner.................Just a quickie from my own DJ'ing days for you experts to ponder over...... In Neil's song `Crackling Rose` to whom or what does the title `Crackling Rose` apply................Don't cheat by Googling it.............I used to give a 99p bottle of Champers away for the answer, but that was some 15 yrs ago so maybe everyone knows the answer by now..... If you all promise to be truthfull and honourable and have a try........ I'll have a look at your answers in a couple of days time and should I have had a lottery win by then, then a `token` will be forthcoming for the winners. (Entries close 20-00hrsBST.UK 16/7/2011)
Reply Jim Aitken
5:29 PM on July 9, 2011 
Nice !
Reply yorkshireborn
11:52 AM on July 9, 2011 
Hello my friend.

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